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Aloha and welcome!!

I do believe it is time for an awakening, to be connected with our inner self, stand strong, shine with confidence, knowing where we came from and choose where we are going to. So I am inviting you to come along in this beautiful journey to our ultimate wellbeing.

We will look at myths and legends, our roots, archetypes, history on our way to spiritual self, to healthy self, motivated self, empowered self. We will go deeper to find ourselves.

This blog is for us, women. So let’s create our database together, feel free to share links, texts, images that inspire you and is relevant to the posts.

I do believe that our life changes fundamentally once we connect to our inner self again and that is the main aim of the blog, but along that we will cover various topics, questions, inspiration, step by step we grow.

When we feel it’s right what we are doing, then we shine, we unite and share love.  That is exactly, how I feel, and I want to give something back to the universe. My background is mainly photography, but I have worked in various organizations and I am on my way to try to train as a therapist. I am wishing to help women with meditation, breathing techniques, movement therapy etc.

I could use these therapies in my photo shoots to inspire and heal other women. I am based in London currently working with the social project “Women and their inner wild woman”.


Emma Langley

Emma studied philosophy as an undergraduate, before completing a master’s in the philosophy of science. She is currently a science researcher. Her interests include scientific method, metaphysics, endocrinology and biochemistry, as well as theoretical physics and philosophy of mind and consciousness. Outside of academia she enjoys playing piano and wandering in wilderness.

Elena Angel

Elena Angel is a speaker, teacher, author and mentor, best known as founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® and a Soul Mate expert. Elena delights in helping men and women, singles and couples enjoy passionate, creative lives and relationships. She specialises in energetics (Taoist, Tantric, Shamanic, Quantum) and strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection.

Elena recognizes the crucial part Women play in humanity’s collective evolution and is committed to supporting the emergence of the new Feminine, and a more enlightened union of Masculine and Feminine within our psyche and in our intimate partnerships.

Amongst her most sought after offerings are her Women’s Circle and Soul Mate Connections events series, followed by her talks, residential retreats and online coaching and mentoring.

Asselle Seitmagzimova
Asselle is a seeker of truth, explorer of life, lover of alchemy and deep inner work. As a highly sensitive empath she loves helping tender sensitive souls create deep healing and transform pain into love and wisdom. She is curious about the secrets of the Universe, loves manifesting miracles and is passionate about following the path of her wild soul. She loves learning about the wonders of life and sharing her insights through writing.
She shares her insights on

Now grab yourself a nice cup of tea and dive in. It is time for you.

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