Could trapped emotions be holding you back?

Have you ever felt stuck in a mental or emotional pattern and not able to shift it? What about chronic pains and other physical symptoms that just won’t go away? Self-sabotaging on a regular basis? All these are more than likely caused by trapped emotions in your body.

Emotions can get trapped during intense or traumatic experiences. They can attach themselves to any part of the body, in some cases manifesting as physical ailments in that body part. They can also create all kinds of mental and emotional blocks preventing us from living happy fulfilling lives. For example, an experience of failure that got trapped in early childhood could make the person fearful of starting projects or getting into situations where they might fail. Another example of a strong cluster of trapped emotions is a phobia, which usually consists of trapped emotions of fear and terror.

Most of us are walking around with hundreds of trapped emotions. A lot of them we don’t even consciously remember happening because they got trapped in early childhood or got pushed into some corner of our subconscious mind. Sometimes these trapped emotions can form themselves as a sort of wall around the heart, protecting it from getting hurt. Having a Heart Wall often leads to feelings of disconnection, defensiveness or inability to form and maintain healthy loving relationships. The thickness of this wall is determined by the number of emotions stored within the Heart Wall. When I first started doing this work my Heart Wall was a 10/10. It did not surprise me at all as I am very sensitive and easily affected by strong emotions. So it was no wonder to me that I had built a wall around my heart to protect myself.

There are many ways of releasing trapped emotions. Sometimes they can even be released spontaneously, after a conversation or watching a film. There are also ways to release them in a more targeted way. Here I would like to distinguish five levels of our human experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is possible to release emotional blocks through practices on each of these levels. On the physical level breathwork and certain yoga exercises can be very effective in clearing trapped emotions. On the energetic level it’s energy healing modalities such as EFT, Reiki, and The Emotion Code. EFT also works on the emotional level, by allowing the emotions to be fully felt before releasing them. Healing on the mental level often happens through forgiveness. The beautiful healing processes such as Matrix Reimprinting, The Journey and The Work of Byron Katie work on this level by bringing greater understanding to the conscious level so that forgiveness can take place. Matrix and The Journey also work on the energetic and emotional levels. Healing on the spiritual level is often led and aided by spirit guides and light beings. This is the realm of Shamanic healing and Theta healing, which work especially well with energetic cords and baggage from past lives or inherited from ancestors.

I am a big lover of emotional healing practices and have used most of the modalities mentioned above to clear my own and my clients’ trapped emotions and unhealthy beliefs. Different situations call upon different healing methods, and each one has its unique signature superpower. There is one method however that I would like to highlight here because I’ve been a big fan of it lately.

The Emotion code is a simple and effective method of testing for and releasing trapped emotions developed by Dr Brad Nelson. He uses kinesiology or muscle testing to determine which emotions are trapped where and from what age. By using muscle testing we tap into the innate intelligence of the body, allowing it to communicate with us through yes/no answers. It is incredible how much we can find out from the body simply by asking it. What I like about this method is that it’s quick and painless. No need to go into the negative emotions and relive traumatic experiences. They simply get cleared from the body and energy field. A simple intention to clear them is enough, with a magnet used to amplify the intention. It looks simple, and at first I was a little skeptical because I’m used to having long dramatic journeys with my emotions. But I became a convert when some pretty deep seated emotions got cleared and never bothered me again.

I believe that all healing methods work. They vary in their approach and technique, but ultimately they all help us release our unhealthy patterns. You’ll be intuitively drawn to the ones that are most in alignment with your energy and personality. In fact, you may not even need a framework because the main thing required to clear your blocks is unconditional love and an intent to heal and release what you no longer need.

So how can we prevent emotions from getting trapped? The best approach is to be fully conscious with all our experiences and stay present as much as we can. Following an intense emotional experience it’s very helpful to do some breathwork – I am a big fan of Rebirthing and Transformational Breathwork. Fully experiencing your emotions and allowing them to move through and out of your body is a very good practice. It is also a good idea to be conscious of any conclusions we make or beliefs we adopt about ourselves and the world after an intense experience. When something feels off I like to journal and inquire into my thoughts.

Whatever you do, know that there are ways to clear and release your emotional blocks. Keeping your emotional and energetic space healthy and balanced is like showering and taking care of your body every day. Your life will flow so much easier and you will feel a lot more vibrant when you’re not carrying around heavy emotional baggage with you.

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